The original intention with The M-word was to blog about the impact of the menopause, the various strategies I employed to overcome the effects, the attitudes of work colleagues, and finally, a safe place for other women to visit in order to gain a little perspective when your feeling bat-shit crazy!

Then I figured, nah ….let’s have a bit of fun. You see, there are tons of aspects of life that begin with the letter M, aspects that drive me equally mad as the menopause.

Encouraged by my ‘squad’ (being so right on …not!) I gave it some thought, and hey presto! The M-word blogs were born. Not for the fainthearted, easily offended, or PC brigade, some are profound, some are funny, some are provocative, but they’re never dull.

So now you know what the M-word is about. See our blog for more insights…

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When you’re feeling frustrated with modern life, seething at the behaviour of morons, despairing at the settling for mediocrity, baffled by the behaviour of men, revelling in the cessation of menstruation, exhausted by the impact of menopause, or in danger of losing perspective, it’s time for The M-word. The blog equivalent of swigging back Tequila after sucking a lime or eating Nutella straight off the spoon – whatever helps you feel amazing again.

Important note

These are of course first world problems. Of course there are far more grave events to become excised about. Of course in the grand scale of things nothing written about in this blog is news worthy. It is simply a light-hearted swipe at some of the irritations of life……..so, PC police, fuck off!


The insights, opinions, and musings of a middle-aged, menopausal female on the things that cause animated debates down the pub. Often uncompromising. Always witty. Never ambivalent. For those moments when only something gritty will do



A friend of mine suffered a miscarriage. The following features the reactions of those around her. I admit I’m appalled, and dismayed, and just a little bit bewildered; not because I can’t begin to even know how something as sad as this feels, but more about the crappy behaviour of people who are meant to …

The M-word – Men!

This all began with an exchange between my niece and I. Principally laughing at our respective menfolk. Well, I say laughing, more an hysterical-I’m-going-to-wedge-a-blunt-instrument-in-his-head kind of laughing. Anyway, the question was then posed by my niece “should I admire women who’ve had the courage to say f*** this shit, I’m off! And are they any …